UK wide chauffeur service

behind the scenes

we believe in delivering a unique and tailored experience to every single client who sits in one of our vehicles. No two people are the same, so why should their journey be the same?

A family run business, Chirton Grange Ltd is the brainchild of Kevin Willis, with wife Nicola ensuring all runs smoothly behind the scenes and son Chris joining Kevin on the road looking after you and your clients.

who are we?

Chirton Grange

Owned and run by Kevin and Nicola Willis, the company started in 1998 as Kevin Willis Chauffeurs which, on winning a prestige government contract who demanded we become a limited company, became Chirton Grange Ltd. The origin of the name is only divulged to loyal clients

Read any chauffeur company website and they'll sell "immaculate drivers, always punctual, knowledgeable and discreet". We at Chirton Grange - with Mercedes Benz fleet cars - give you all of this as a standard.

The Chirton Grange office will always respond quickly and efficiently to your enquiry and begin the high level of service that you will come to expect from our company. Discretion is always assured from all at Chirton Grange.

Regardless of the task you need us to fulfil you are assured of a boutique experience from the experts.