Chirton Grange

Covid 19 Precautions

We may no longer shake your hand or be seen smiling behind the mask but please know, we are really pleased to meet you!


Our booking system is unchanged; it is personal and not automated. By dealing with real people you can ask us any questions or inform us of any added precaution or service you or your client(s) may require.

Passenger safety

We supply as standard to all passengers: face masks, sanitising hand gel and wipes, tissues (with disposal facility). We ask that all clients ensure they are symptom free of any illness before travelling in the vehicle.

We will continue to supply bottled mineral water and wifi.  Baby and child seats supplied by us (MUST BE REQUESTED IN ADVANCE) will be sanitised before and after every use and carried in the vehicle in a protective plastic bag prior to fitting.


We are currently suggesting the Mercedes Benz People carrier as the safest method of transport as they give a 2 metre distance between passengers and driver (for passengers seated on the back row) with middle row passengers facing away from the driver or guide.  All other saloon cars are available as requested and come with the same safety measures except the 2 metre distancing.

  • Sneeze guard screen fitted between driver and passengers.
  • Vehicles comprehensively disinfected at the end of every day or before each new client enters the vehicle.
  • All vehicle ‘touch points’ wiped with disinfectant at any stop taken by passengers, with attention given to door handles, grab rails and seatbelts.
  • The driver will operate the doors at all times electronically or, when safe to do so, will exit the vehicle and open/close doors.


All Chirton Grange drivers will confirm, via text message to our office prior to pick up of passengers that they are not experiencing any signs of Covid 19, or other illness. A record of this will be attached to each individual ‘job sheet’.

  • Should any driver become ill then a message will be sent to anyone he/she came into contact with over the last 14 days.
  • Our drivers will wear a face mask for the duration of their contact with you.

All our drivers will continue to provide every courtesy and consideration to all our passengers. We also appreciate that some clients may have certain issues that require us to assist them  which we WILL still do (at the clients request) while taking every precaution to limit contact.

Our drivers will assist you with luggage should you need it. We will load and unload the luggage wearing latex gloves and then sanitise the handles with anti-bacterial wipes. Please note our drivers will NOT drive while wearing latex gloves.

Security detail

If you or your client travel with a security detail we ask that we be allowed to speak with the CP personally to ascertain their specific requirements prior to the job taking place. +44 7725 467263 (will not be answered if actively driving so ask that you leave a message and best contact details for us to return the call).

Disabled Clients

We will continue to provide the utmost assistance to all our passengers who require any accessible travel arrangements. We appreciate the varying challenges so welcome the opportunity to discuss personally on how we can best assist you in a safe, respectful and dignified manner. Masks will be provided.

We would respectfully point out that the Covid-19 crisis is something we are all having to face together, so ask that bookers, clients and drivers work together to provide as safe an environment as possible. Thank you.